Everything You Need to Know about Bora Band Trading Platform: Is it a Scam?


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Discover everything you need to know about the Bora Band Trading Platform and find out if it's a legitimate trading platform or a potential scam.

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Bora Band is a Scam. Bora Band is a fraudulent scheme similar to the infamous Berry Max scam. It deceives innocent individuals by convincing them to invest an extra 100 USDT to reactivate their accounts, much like Berry Max persuading people to invest an additional 50 USDT to reactivate their accounts before disappearing completely.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Bora Band Trading Platform?
  2. Bora Band Overview
  3. Is Bora Band Trading Platform Real or Fake?
  4. How to Register in Bora Band Trading Platform?
  5. How to Verify Account in Bora Band?
  6. How to Deposit Money in Bora Band Trading Platform using OKX?
  7. How to Withdraw Money in Bora Band Trading Platform?
  8. Bora Band Notice

I. What is Bora Band Trading Platform?

Bora Band Trading is a cryptocurrency trading platform that was launched in 2022. The platform claims to offer a variety of features, including margin trading, spot trading, and derivatives trading. The Bora Band also claims to be able to generate profits of up to 3% per day. However, there is no evidence to support these claims.

Recently, Bora Band suspended withdrawals. Therefore, I strongly advise people not to invest in Bora Band.

According to WMTIPS, The Bora band is 1 year old. The website is built with Bootstrap. The content is served by the Cloudflare CDN server that is located in the United States and associated with the IP address The domain is registered with GoDaddy.com LLC and will expire in 11 months and 27 days.

according to WMTIPS bora band is 10 months old

II. Bora Band Overview (wmtips.com)

  1. SSL certificate owner: Cloudflare Inc., San Francisco, California, United States

  2. Hosted by: Cloudflare Inc.

  3. Server location: United States

  4. Registered with: GoDaddy.com LLC

  5. Registration date: 5 Jul 2022

  6. Expiration date: 5 Jul 2024

  7. Safety: Unknown

III. Is Bora Band Trading Platform Real or Fake?

There are a number of red flags that suggest that Bora Band may be a scam. First, the company is not registered with any financial regulator. This means that there is no government agency that can protect investors from fraud. Second, Bora Band has been accused of using fake testimonials and reviews to lure investors. Third, Bora Band has very high-pressure sales tactics. This is often a sign that a company is trying to scam people out of their money.

Bora Band, much like the notorious scam called Berry Max, is yet another fraudulent scheme designed to deceive innocent individuals. Bora Band employs a similar modus operandi as Berry Max, persuading people to invest an additional 100 USDT to reactivate their accounts. Just as Berry Max persuaded people to invest an additional 50 USDT before disappearing completely, Bora Band will keep tricking innocent investors with false promises and then vanishing without leaving any trace behind.

Here are some tips to avoid scams

  1. Only invest money that you can afford to lose.
  2. Do your research before investing in any company. Make sure the company is legitimate and has a good reputation.
  3. Be wary of any company that promises high returns with little risk.
  4. If you have any doubts about a company, don't invest in them.

IV. How to Register in Bora Band Trading Platform?

To register in bora.band, you will need to follow these steps:

Note: I strongly advise people not to invest in Bora Band

1. Go to the bora.band registration page.

register in bora band

2. Enter your email address and password

3. Click on the "Next Step" button.

4. Click on the "Send" button. You will receive an email from bora.band with a verification code to verify your account.

email verification in bora band

5. Enter the verification code to verify your account and click on "Register" button.

6. Skip withdrawing password for now.

withdraw password in bora band

7. You will now be able to log in to bora.band.

login in bora band

V. How to Verify Account in Bora Band?

1. Go to the Account & Security page and Click on "Not completed" button

account verification in bora band

2. Enter your Aadhar card number, name, and photocopy.

account verification in bora band

account verification in bora band

3. Click on the "Submit" button

4. Wait for a few hours to get your account verified. It takes between 10-24 hours to get your account verified.

VI. How to Deposit Money in Bora Band Trading Platform using OKX?

1. Create an account on OKX.

2. Verify your account (Same as the above method).

3. Click on "P2P trading" and Choose a reputable seller.

buy usdt from reputable seller from okx

Here are some tips for buying USDT from OKX

  1. Choose a reputable seller. When you're buying USDT from OKX P2P, it's important to choose a reputable seller. You can do this by checking the seller's rating and feedback.
  2. Compare prices. Before you buy USDT, be sure to compare prices from different sellers. This will help you get the best possible deal.
  3. Use a secure payment method. When you're paying for USDT, be sure to use a secure payment method. This will help protect your personal and financial information.
  4. Be patient. It may take some time to find a seller who is willing to sell USDT at the price you want. Be patient and don't be afraid to negotiate.

4. Now, Click on the "Asset" tab.

transfer usdt from okx to bora band

5. Click on the "withdraw" button.

transfer usdt from okx to bora band

6. Click on the "on-chain" button.

transfer usdt from okx to bora band

7. Now go to the Bora Band app or website to get your deposit address. Click on the "Asset" button

transfer usdt to bora band

8. Click on the "Deposit" button under USDT section. Select USDT-TRC20 and copy the deposit address.

deposit money in bora band

9. Now, go to OKX, paste the deposit address, select the withdrawal network as TRC20, and enter the amount you want to deposit on Bora. Click on the "Submit" button

transfer usdt from okx to bora band

10. Wait for 10-15 minutes to get your USDT on Bora Band.

buying usdt from okx status

11. Transfer Successfully.

successfully transfer usdt into bora band

VII. How to Withdraw Money in Bora Band Trading Platform?

1. Click on the "Asset" tab.

Withdraw Money in bora band

2. Click on the "Withdraw" button under USDT section. Enter the withdrawal address. You will get the withdrawal address from OKX.

withdraw usdt from bora to okx

3. Steps to get withdrawal address from OKX: 1. Click on the "Deposit" tab, 2. Select "USDT" from the list of cryptocurrencies, 3. Select "TRC20" from the list of networks, 4. Your deposit address will be displayed, 5. You can copy the address by clicking on the "Copy" button.

VIII. Bora Band Notice

All the notices from the Bora Band seem to be intended for scamming people, as they appear to be fake and aimed at deceiving individuals.

1. On 2023-06-29

Dear BORA users,

Due to the rapid development of the number of users of BORA recently, the issuance of new currency has aroused wide attention and pursuit. Now we have received an offer of merger and acquisition from well-known institutions around the world, and the current valuation has reached 3.3 times. We will conduct a preliminary review on the operation status of BORA Exchange, the equity of the exchange, the assets of the exchange, and the assets in circulation of the exchange.

Because it was an urgent negotiation yesterday, in order to increase the review valuation, BORA did not have time to notify, and will temporarily close the coin withdrawal function, and open it after the completion of the preliminary review, and bring users the activity of sharing the merger valuation doubling.

BORA Exchange continues to be committed to providing users with the best quality digital asset trading services, and cooperates with world-renowned institutions to jointly build the most complete cryptocurrency ecosystem, becoming the world's most advanced cryptocurrency trading platform, and selecting better quality cryptocurrency assets.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in BORA Exchange, and we will continue to strive to provide better services and create more value for you. In the process of preliminary review, we will launch feedback activities, please look forward to BORA Exchange official website announcement!

June 29, 2023

BORA Exchange

2. On 2023-07-03

Dear BORA user:

Thank you for your long-term attention and support to BORA Global Exchange.

In order to meet the IPO listing requirements of the world's second largest securities trading market - Nasdaq Global Market (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations), BORA Exchange,

BORA must meet strict financial, capital and common management indicators.

BORA Global Exchange will invite world-renowned institutions to conduct mergers and acquisitions, and jointly complete the historic moment of being listed on NASDAQ!

This merger has attracted the attention of users around the world, and the progress of the merger is hereby announced: the merger is currently in the stage of accounting for the asset valuation of the exchange.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of mergers and acquisitions, the partners of mergers and acquisitions will not be disclosed to the public for the time being. At the same time, the withdrawal channel will be resumed after the valuation progress is completed.

In order to thank the majority of users, BORA will repay you with new services and higher activity benefits after the valuation is over. Please pay attention to the follow-up progress announcement of BORA!

BORA Exchange

July 03, 2023

3. On 2023-07-07

Dear BORA users!

The deadline for the recharge 100% rebate activity launched by BORA Exchange is July 07. Due to the merger and acquisition of listed assets to review the market value of BRA and also to meet the enthusiastic needs of users, BORA Exchange has decided to postpone the recharge 100% rebate activity to July 12 day! After July 12th, all BORA business will return to normal!

Thank you for your trust and support to BORA exchange!

July 07, 2023

BORA Exchange

4. On 2023-07-12

BORA merger upgrade and activity notice:

Dear BORA user:

At present, BORA has reached a preliminary agreement with international institutions for mergers and acquisitions, and now the exchange is officially undergoing a comprehensive upgrade!

The current exchange updates are as follows:

1. Bora Exchange officially changed its name to "BORA NSQ"

2. Fully upgrade the exchange page, more concise and beautiful!

3. Fully expand the server to make the transaction smoother!

4. Intelligent order splitting and matching, choose the best price for transaction.

5. T+1 withdrawal system, more secure withdrawal.

6. Increase the amount of risk protection fund, and the protection of user funds is higher.

7. The deposit and withdrawal channel has been upgraded, and the deposit and withdrawal are smoother!

8. The security system has been fully upgraded to improve the security of users' information and funds!

The launch of this new version has improved the visual appearance, system functions, and made user operations more convenient! More features will continue to be updated until the merger closes. Stay tuned!

In order to meet the requirements of international organizations and ensure the most authentic and effective user volume data of the exchange, BORA Exchange will clear invalid accounts (referring to malicious registration, reverse reward accounts, swiping accounts, and multiple accounts by one person) and the system will reset all account, all accounts will be changed to inactive status during this period. During the period when all accounts are not activated, investors need to manually recharge 100U to activate the trading account again from July 13th to July 18th.


Reactivating the account will reopen functions such as transactions and withdrawals, and the funds required to activate the account can be withdrawn after the asset review is completed.

5. On 2023-07-21

Dear BORA NSQ users:

The withdrawal function of BORA NSQ exchange will be fully opened on July 22! Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you.

BORA NSQ Exchange

July 21, 2023

6. On 2023-07-23

Dear BORA NSQ users:

The BORA NSQ exchange has been subjected to tax evasion and money laundering by some users who use false identity information to register for false transactions, and there are tax evasion and money laundering behaviors, resulting in the flow of money laundering and black funds into the exchange! At present, BORA NSQ exchange is actively preparing for listing. According to the international securities law and international anti-money laundering law, federal investigators are sending an investigation notice to our company. Now BORA NSQ exchange will temporarily close the withdrawal business and wait for the problem to be thoroughly investigated and dealt with. After that, it will be fully released.

BORA NSQ Exchange

July 23, 2023

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