Top 10 Online Code Sharing Websites for Web Developers


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Code sharing websites are platforms where developers can share code with a simple copy and paste. Are you looking for such platforms? Check out the list of some popular names.

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Building an application is quite difficult for developers, especially when you are a new programmer or you are a solo programmer. Very often, developers get stuck in their projects due to bugs. Sometimes it's also hard to create specific functionality; you just want ready-to-use code snippets there. In all of these cases, you may need help from your programmer friend or colleague. Most of the time, someone else has to review your code to fix bugs or provide you with any form of help on the project. In such cases, code sharing websites are very useful and helpful.

Basically, these code sharing websites allow you to share code snippets with others by simply copying and pasting. You copy the code from your code editor and paste it into a code sharing site, then share the link or page with your team members or colleagues. This way you can also create your own code libraries and snippets.

But which code sharing site is the best? In this blog, we have collected the 10 best code sharing websites for you.

List of Top 10 code sharing websites

  1. Codepen
  2. Codeply
  3. Liveweave
  4. Dabblet
  5. JSFiddle
  6. Codeshare
  7. Codepad
  8. Snipplr
  9. CodeProject
  10. JS Bin

1. Codepen

code sharing website - codepen

Codepen is a widely used code sharing website for developers. Codepen allows developers to add, edit and share HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in your browser. In Codepen, you're essentially creating a "pen", which means you've set up a piece of code to share in a playground. By writing code there, you can check out snapshot previews of the code you're writing. Codepen is the best site to showcase your work and see the amazing things other people are doing with the web.

You can choose to subscribe to the Pro version for $9 per month for better integration and unlock all features, such as private and locked code sharing.

CodePen supports most of the well-known CSS preprocessors including LESS and SASS and allows you to work with CSS, HTML, and JS. You can test other people's pens, which means you can test other developers' code from here. For example, if you want to add tabs to your project, you can check the link tabs, and customize them to your own needs, then you can code them in your project.

2. Codeply

code sharing website - codeply

For a website that can help in both code sharing websites and front-end editors, Codeply is definitely a great choice. It is popular for rendering technology, boilerplate, and front-end development and design frameworks.

From foundation to bootstrap, Codeply had a reputation for all. Websites can help create top-notch designs and elements. One of the best features of Codeply is that you can show off your skills to their community.

Basically, the site has a community where programmers can show off their performance. Besides, it is also useful to select snippets, elements and editing tools while coding. To edit the user interface, you can choose a framework and get started right away.

3. Liveweave

code sharing website - liveweave

Liveweave is another widely used code sharing website for web developers. Compared to CodePen, Liveweave does not have as many features, but still meets the basic need of programmers to share code with others.

Unlike CodePen, you have the option to include various JavaScript libraries in Liveweave, including Paper JS, Kinetic JS, Knockout JS, Moo Tools, Three JS Raphael JS, SVG JS, Underscore JS, and more.

With Liveweave, you also have the option to share your code page URL and collaborate with your friends or colleagues to edit the code snippet. This window is quite similar to Codepen because you get three windows for HTML, JS, and CSS as well as a preview window to run your code immediately.

4. Dabblet

code sharing website - dabblet

Next on the list of best code sharing websites for web developers is Dabblet. It is an interactive platform that allows developers to write and share code with others.

One of Dabblet's strengths is that it provides different previews for each piece of code. For example, you can get a separate preview and results for HTML and another for CSS.

While it doesn't pack as many features as other code sharing sites, it does a pretty good job of sharing basic code.

5. JSFiddle

code sharing website - jsfiddle

One of the top code sharing websites that are useful for web developers is JSFiddle. The reason why it is so handy is due to its simple user interface. JSFiddle gives you four individual panels/panels to work with.

You can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for all three tables. Likewise, the fourth can be used for output. It has many effective features for the best results.

  • It supports many JS libraries.
  • Then it can save the codes automatically.
  • The website can be used to generate embed codes.
  • It is also very effective to preview code in action during teamwork.

In short, the platform also allows for more than just code collaboration. If you choose the paid plan, you can create private fiddle and also create your collaborative groups.

6. Codeshare

code sharing website - codeshare

If you are looking for a basic code sharing website, then Codeshare is the best choice for you. This is one of the easiest and simplest code sharing sites on the internet.

You even have to register on the site to start sharing. All you have to do is paste your code in the editor, get the link and share it with your friends. As simple as that, sharing code is never as simple as sharing code.

One of the main highlights of Codeshare is that it comes with a video chat option to collaborate with your friends and teammates. But the problem with code sharing is that your code expires in just 24 hours.

7. Codepad

code sharing website - codepad

Codepad is one of the favorite code sharing websites among web developers. You wonder why? This is because the site supports multiple programming languages.

From now on, this list is limited to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript only. However, Codepad is effective with other languages like C, Python, PHP, Java, C, and many more. In short, it's not limited to standard web development.

It is unbiased and comes with many other features. The platform can assist you in your public and private code projects.

It also helps to share code with the community. With limited multilingual code sharing sites, Codepad has achieved greater heights in this area.

8. Snipplr

code sharing website - snipplr

Snipplr is a website for sharing code snippets with the world and with your team. It's basically an archive of code snippets from different programming languages ​​- JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, Ruby, and even Objective C.

You can share snippets instantly and that code is visible on the web page for everyone to see. Alternatively, you can subscribe and then share snippets through your account to keep them in one place and watch them as per your wishes.

9. CodeProject

code sharing website - codeproject

If you are looking for background knowledge, CodeProject is definitely worth a try. This is a knowledge sharing community that allows you to start topics and posts related to code snippets.

Overall, the platform is effective for users because they can see and learn instantly. Furthermore, they can also provide reviews on the same.

Code Project supports all coding languages like .NET and C#. It also supports database engines like SQL.

Mobile developers can benefit from the same as it has different sections for Android and iOS. It's a good platform to get feedback and learn better over time.

10. JS Bin

code sharing website - jsbin

Next up is JS Bin, another great code sharing website that has both free and paid versions. It allows developers to write and share code using HTML, JS, and CSS.

Similar to other code sharing websites such as CodePen, Codeshare, Codeply, etc., the interface is quite similar. You have four separate windows/tabs for HTML, CSS, JS, and output.

You also have the option to add JS libraries including Angular, React, JQuery, Vue JS, Velocity JS, etc.

With the paid version you get lots of extra features including private bins, Dropbox backup, custom URLs, and more.

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