JavaScript or TypeScript? What Languages will Rule the Web in 2024

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Which programming languages are going to take the web by storm in 2024? Some prognosticators have their eyes set on JavaScript, while others think it's TypeScript.

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JavaScript is the most popular language on the web, but that may soon change.

TypeScript is a typed version of JavaScript that has many features that make it better suited for development on the web. It is also gaining popularity as a language to write modular and extensible code in.

This article will discuss the advantages of both JavaScript and TypeScript and which one might be better for you as a developer.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a typed programming language that was created by Microsoft in 2014. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, which means that it can be used to code in websites, applications, and even in the browser.

Here are some of the features of TypeScript that make it an attractive option:

1. TypeScript is statically typed. This means that your code will typecheck as you write it, ensuring that your code is correct and consistent.

2. TypeScript has strong typing support, which means you can declare types for variables and functions easily. This makes your code more reliable and easier to read.

3. TypeScript supports multiple languages within the same project, making it a versatile tool for cross-platform development.

4. TypeScript offers standard ECMAScript features, such as arrays and objects, which makes it easy to use with other languages.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language that enables you to create interactive websites and web applications. JavaScript is also used for client-side scripting on the web. You can use JavaScript to create scripts that interact with the user and to control the display of information on a web page. JS allows you to specify how information is displayed on a web page, including in forms and dialog boxes.

Here are some of the features of JavaScript that make it an attractive option:

  • It is easy to learn because it has few keywords and no specific structure.
  • It can be used on both desktop and web browsers.
  • It can be used with many different software programs.
  • It is reliable and secure.

Which Languages Will Rule The Web in 2024?

JavaScript and TypeScript are two of the most popular programming languages in the world. JavaScript is used to create websites and applications, while TypeScript is used to create robust, typed code.

These languages are expected to continue to be the dominant languages on the web in 2024. This is because they are versatile and easy to learn, and they work well with web platforms such as React and Angular.

JavaScript and TypeScript are also becoming more mature. They support features such as async/await, string interpolation, and modules. As a result, developers are able to create more sophisticated websites and applications using these languages.

JavaScript and TypeScript will continue to be popular on the web in 2024 because they provide developers with a powerful toolkit that can be used to build sophisticated applications.

How are the two languages similar and different?

JavaScript and TypeScript are both languages that are used on the web. They are similar in many ways, but they also have some major differences.

One of the most important differences between JavaScript and TypeScript is their type system. JavaScript is a loosely typed language, which means that it doesn't have a strict type system. This means that you can write code that works with a variety of different types of data.

TypeScript, on the other hand, is a strongly typed language. This means that you need to declare the type of data that will be used in your code. This can make writing code more difficult, but it also makes it easier to ensure that your code will work with specific types of data.

Another major difference between JavaScript and TypeScript is their compilation process. JavaScript is a interpreted language, which means that it is run directly on the browser. TypeScript, on the other hand, is a compiled language. This means that it is converted into bytecode before it is run on the browser.

Overall, JavaScript and TypeScript are similar languages that have some major differences. They will continue to be used on the web because they are powerful and easy to use.

Who's using TypeScript and JavaScript now?

JavaScript and TypeScript are two of the most popular programming languages on the web. They're used by developers all over the world to create websites, apps, and more.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that offers some extra features and benefits. This means that TypeScript code can run just as well as JavaScript code on the web. This is great news for developers who want to use one language across all their projects.

JavaScript is also becoming more powerful every day. New features are being added to the language all the time, making it a perfect choice for developing robust websites and apps. With so many options available, it's hard to decide which language to use. But don't worry – JavaScript or TypeScript will always be dominant on the web.


There is no doubt that JavaScript and TypeScript will continue to be the languages of choice for web development. These two languages are not only powerful, but they are also easy to learn and use. In addition, these languages support a wide range of technologies, which means that you can build websites in a variety of ways. If you are looking to get started with web development, either as a beginner or an experienced developer, I recommend learning both JavaScript and TypeScript. They have endless potential and will make your life as a web developer much easier!

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