15+ Bootstrap Gallery Examples

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Explore over 15 examples of gallery designs crafted with Bootstrap. Discover versatile styles and layouts to showcase images and media effectively on your website.


Table of Contents

  1. Image Gallery With Bootstrap 4
  2. Bootstrap Photo Gallery
  3. Gallery with Bootstrap and Filters
  4. Image Gallery Using Bootstrap 4
  5. Bootstrap 4 Lightbox Gallery
  6. Bootstrap 4 Gallery And Modals Lightbox
  7. Bootstrap 4 Lightbox Gallery 1
  8. Bootstrap Image Gallery
  9. Lightbox Gallery With Bootstrap
  10. Bootstrap Gallery
  11. Isotope Filter Magical Layouts With Bootstrap 4
  12. Arrow Key Navigation Thumbnail Gallery Modal View
  13. Responsive Bootstrap Lightbox Gallery
  14. Bootstrap Lightbox Gallery
  15. Bootstrap Lightbox Image Gallery
  16. Bootstrap Light Gallery Using Jquery
  17. Bootstrap 4 Gallery With Image Thumbnails
  18. Bootstrap 3 Galleries
  19. Image Gallery Bootstrap With Isotope
  20. Image Gallery - Bootstrap
  21. Conclusion

Welcome to our guide featuring 15+ Bootstrap Gallery Examples! Galleries are an essential part of many websites, showcasing images, videos, or other visual content in an organized and attractive manner. With Bootstrap, creating stylish, responsive, and user-friendly galleries is both efficient and customizable.

In this article, we'll explore a curated selection of 15+ gallery examples built using Bootstrap. These examples showcase various styles, layouts, and functionalities for implementing galleries in your projects, whether you need a simple image grid, a dynamic lightbox gallery, or a more complex gallery with filters and animations.

image gallery with bootstrap 4

Created by Cirmar, this responsive gallery component uses Bootstrap 4 to display images in a grid layout. It's designed to showcase photos or artwork effectively while ensuring compatibility across different devices.

Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap photo gallery

Crafted by bootstrapious.com, this responsive gallery component provides a sleek and organized way to display a collection of photos. It enhances user experience with a clean design and responsive layout.

Source CodeClick here!
gallery with bootstrap and filters

Developed by Lenix, this responsive gallery integrates Bootstrap with filtering functionality. It allows users to sort through images based on categories or tags, making it easier to navigate large collections.

Source CodeClick here!
image gallery using bootstrap 4

Created by dipendra, this gallery component utilizes Bootstrap 4 but lacks responsiveness. It's suitable for projects where fixed-width layout is acceptable and images are displayed in a straightforward manner.

Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap 4 lightbox gallery

Developed by Ask SNB, this responsive gallery includes a lightbox feature with Bootstrap 4. It allows users to view larger versions of images in a modal window, enhancing the viewing experience.

CreatorAsk SNB
Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap 4 gallery and modals lightbox

Crafted by webdragong3, this responsive gallery combines Bootstrap 4 with modal lightboxes. It offers an interactive way to showcase images, ensuring they are displayed attractively on any screen size.

Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap 4 lightbox gallery 1

Created by Som Nayak, this responsive gallery variant focuses on using Bootstrap 4's lightbox functionality. It's designed for displaying images in a modal view, optimizing user interaction and visual appeal.

CreatorSom Nayak
Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap image gallery

Crafted by Mosfiqur Rahman, this responsive gallery component utilizes Bootstrap to create a visually appealing display of images. It supports various screen sizes, ensuring images look good on both desktops and mobile devices.

CreatorMosfiqur Rahman
Source CodeClick here!
lightbox gallery with bootstrap

Developed by Nikki Peel, this responsive gallery integrates Bootstrap with a lightbox feature. It provides an elegant way to present images, allowing users to view them in full-screen mode for closer inspection.

CreatorNikki Peel
Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap gallery

Created by vivekbisht109, this responsive gallery utilizes Bootstrap to showcase images in a structured grid layout. It's designed for easy navigation and optimal display of image collections.

Source CodeClick here!

11. Isotope Filter Magical Layouts With Bootstrap 4

isotope filter magical layouts with bootstrap 4

Developed by nitesh575malviya, this gallery component combines Bootstrap 4 with Isotope.js for dynamic filtering and layout. It offers users a seamless way to explore images based on different criteria.

Source CodeClick here!
arrow key navigation thumbnail gallery modal view

Crafted by NMonst4, this responsive gallery enhances user experience with arrow key navigation within modal views. It's ideal for projects requiring intuitive image browsing capabilities.

Source CodeClick here!
responsive bootstrap lightbox gallery

Created by nabeelkondotty, this gallery component offers a responsive design using Bootstrap's lightbox feature. It ensures images adapt well to various screen sizes, maintaining visual clarity and user engagement.

Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap lightbox gallery

Crafted by epicbootstrap.com, this responsive gallery variant focuses on using Bootstrap's lightbox functionality to present images. It's designed to enhance the visual appeal of image collections.

Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap lightbox image gallery

Created by Patrycja, this responsive gallery leverages Bootstrap's capabilities to display images in a lightbox format. It provides an elegant solution for showcasing photography or artwork online.

Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap light gallery using jquery

Developed by Siddharth Panchal, this responsive gallery utilizes Bootstrap and jQuery to create a lightbox gallery. It ensures smooth image viewing and navigation across different devices.

CreatorSiddharth Panchal
Source CodeClick here!
bootstrap 4 gallery with image thumbnails

Crafted by startbootstrap.com, this responsive gallery integrates Bootstrap 4 with image thumbnails. It offers a user-friendly way to preview and navigate through a collection of images.

Source CodeClick here!

18. Bootstrap 3 Galleries

bootstrap 3 galleries

Created by tutorialzine.com, this gallery component focuses on Bootstrap 3 and showcases various gallery styles. It provides inspiration and practical examples for implementing Bootstrap-based galleries.

Source CodeClick here!
image gallery bootstrap with isotope

Crafted by Alahab, this responsive gallery integrates Bootstrap with Isotope.js for filtering and arranging images dynamically. It's suitable for projects that require versatile image display options.

Source CodeClick here!
image gallery - bootstrap

Developed by Jaskiran Chhokar, this responsive gallery uses Bootstrap for creating a structured display of images. It ensures compatibility across different devices while offering a visually appealing presentation.

CreatorJaskiran Chhokar
Source CodeClick here!


In conclusion, Bootstrap provides a powerful framework for creating gallery components that enhance the visual appeal and user experience of your website. With the diverse range of examples provided in this guide, you have ample inspiration to design gallery components that fit your project's specific needs and design aesthetics.

Feel free to explore the showcased examples and customize them to align with your project's branding guidelines, functional requirements, and user experience goals. By leveraging Bootstrap, you can streamline the development process and create gallery components that are visually appealing, accessible, and highly functional. Start incorporating these examples into your projects today and elevate your website with the beauty and versatility of Bootstrap galleries!

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